“Wildlife” Update – Out Now!

The third major update for Patch Quest is now available! This video will run you through the changes: You just need to open Patch Quest and the update will automatically download. If you don’t have Patch Quest yet, you can download it here.

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Tips for Making Procedurally Generated Worlds

More and more games contain randomized elements these days. By shaking up some parts of your game – be it the map, the loot or the encounters – you can keep things fresh for much longer and keep players coming back. Everybody likes surprise and novelty. But randomness is a wily beast. When people think […]

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Your Inventory System might be Unbalancing your Game

Many games have consumable items and big inventories. This is especially common in RPGs, where you often accumulate hundreds of knick knacks over your 50 hours of playtime. But this kind of item system has a big impact on your game’s balance. Risk-averse players will be reluctant to use their items because they don’t know […]

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Increase Interactivity by “Shrinking” Your Game

The Fire Emblem series is one of the gold standards for tactics games. In this series, a human and computer take turns to move characters on a grid with the hopes of winning battles through careful positioning. It isn’t uncommon for these characters to have movement ranges of 7 and higher, especially if the character […]

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