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Explore Patchlantis

The long-lost island of Patchlantis finally been rediscovered – and the Explorer’s Guild has entrusted you with the task of exploring it!

But beware, this island is filled with thick jungles, harsh deserts, and ravenous monsters.

Even the ground itself is constantly shifting and shuffling. Only the most skillful explorers can make sense of this patchwork maze.

Ride Powerful Monsters

The odds are against you, but explorers have a trick up their sleeves.

Using your Lassoo, you can latch onto a monster and claim it as your mount. You can then gain its powers.

Like this Shrubhog, protected by a wall of spines.

Or this Sandamander, who can tunnel underground.

You can ride every monster in the game. Try them all out!

Capture Rare Patches

Using your Patch Pins, you can shrink a patch down and store it in your pocket.

"Wow, a whole patch fits in there? The wonders of modern science!"

You can then take these patches back to your Home Base, to upgrade and decorate it.

The Explorer’s Guild needs to catalogue the local wildlife for their research, and will reward your assistance.

Active Development

Patch Quest is in active development, with plans to release on Steam in 2020.

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