With your trusty Lasso, you can mount and ride every monster you cross paths with, and use their animal-inspired powers in combat.

Discover Patchlantis

Once home to a lost civilisation, Patchlantis has now been fully reclaimed by nature. Fierce monsters, rugged terrain and booby-trapped ruins are all a fact of life here.

Even the island’s patchwork terrain will get shuffled each night by a powerful storm!

Claim Your Mount!

Patchlantis is packed with deadly monsters. But that’s not always a bad thing – because your Lasso lets you claim a monster as your mount!

Every species can be mounted, and they all have unique skills!

Like this Shrubhog, protected by a wall of sharp spines.

Or this Sandamander, who can tunnel underground.

Tame the Wilderness

As an Explorer, it’s your job to Capture Patches of Land and catalog the island’s wildlife.

And by Planting these captured samples in fertile soil plots, you can grow Gardens and reclaim the wilderness.

Level Up, Power Up!

The Explorer’s Guild has your back – we wouldn’t drop you into all this danger unprepared!

Every single run will help you get a little bit stronger, until you can face even the toughest of beasts.

Active Development

Patch Quest is in active development and available on Steam right now!

This website is not updated very often. So if you want daily development news, be sure to visit the official Discord server!

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