“Wildlife” Update – Out Now!

The third major update for Patch Quest is now available! This video will run you through the changes: You just need to open Patch Quest and the update will automatically download. If you don’t have Patch Quest yet, you can download it here.

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Patch Quest Design Goals

When you’re working on a big, long-term project it helps to have some clear design goals. These goals act like a compass, keeping you on-course even when the path ahead is unclear. With Patch Quest, I have three goals I want to balance. The game needs to be flexible, meaning it can support a wide […]

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Introducing Patch Quest!

Hi everyone! I’m Liam, the project leader for Patch Quest. Patch Quest is a game about exploring and getting muddy. You are tasked with traversing a sprawling island packed with deep mud, raging rivers and thick brambles. Each terrain type can inflict status ailments that affect how you move around. You’ll have to watch your […]

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