“Wildlife” Update – Out Now!

The third major update for Patch Quest is now available! This video will run you through the changes: You just need to open Patch Quest and the update will automatically download. If you don’t have Patch Quest yet, you can download it here.

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A Mechanical Review of The Witchwood (Hearthstone)

Hearthstone’s eighth expansion, The Witchwood, was released just last week. It has some fresh and interesting ideas, from a game design perspective, so I thought I’d write a mechanical review of the new set. Let’s jump right into it. Rush The Witchwood added 2 new mechanics to the game. The first one is rush, an […]

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Towards Self-Balancing Card Games

Making a card game is hard! Players want decks that are strong, but they also want decks that are unique and represent their individuality. They want the game to be fair, but they also want the game to be diverse and exciting. These games have hundreds of cards that interact in all sorts of complex […]

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Why You Should Place Limits on Fast Travel

Skyrim’s world is an enormous sandbox full of caves, forts and villages. The player can spend dozens of hours exploring without even finding half of the game’s locations. Once you’ve discovered a location you can fast travel back there instantly and for free. This saves the player a lot of time, which is always nice. […]

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Tips for Making Procedurally Generated Worlds

More and more games contain randomized elements these days. By shaking up some parts of your game – be it the map, the loot or the encounters – you can keep things fresh for much longer and keep players coming back. Everybody likes surprise and novelty. But randomness is a wily beast. When people think […]

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