Deadly wildlife, Sprawling dungeons, Hidden treasures.

Nobody said exploring was easy. Do you have what it takes?

Forge Your Own Path

This world is made of Patches.

Every night, a powerful storm gives these patches a good shuffle.

The major landmarks stay still, but the paths between them are always shifting.

An entire island is yours to discover. But navigating its many dangers will take creativity and skill.

Brave The Elements

Want to cross the river? You’ll be Soaked from head to toe and might even drown.

Wading through some thick mud? You’ll get so Sticky you’ll barely be able to move.

A careless traveller will end up Sore, Sneezing and Bitten to shreds!

Watch your step if you want to survive.

Gear Up

If you find something cool on your travels, you can store it in one of your nifty Patch Pockets.

"Wow, a whole Patch can fit in there?
The wonders of modern science!"

Bring it to the right person and you might get a handsome reward.

The island is a dangerous place. You’ll need these goodies if you want to reach the deepest corners.

Good Luck Out There!

Patch Quest is early in development but we release new updates roughly once a month. You can play the latest version for free by clicking the download link below.

(Currently for Windows computers only. Sorry, Apple fans)

You can also read more about the latest changes over at our blog.

And if you enjoy the game, please consider heading down to the official forums. We would love to hear from you! You can also learn about our future plans and maybe even get involved in the design process.